July 1, 2022

Useful tips for packing fragile items

Moving to a new home is an emotional experience. You are leaving your old home and carrying just thememories forward. You are entering a new phase of your life with new surroundings. That’s quite exciting.

But, there’s always a fear that something might break or get damaged in transit. Moving fragile items isespecially cumbersome because even a speedbump can cause problems when they are not packed properly.

If this is something you are worried about, we are here to help.

Defining fragileitems

Items that may be damaged easily are considered fragile items. Cutlery, crockery, photo frames,jewellery, bulbs, TV, microwave, etc. come under this category.

They need extra care while packaging so that they are able to reach your new home intact.

Packaging for fragile items

The right materials make all the difference when it comes to fragile packaging. Here are a few that we recommend:

· Bubble wrap

· Newspaper

· Glass packers

· Foam

· Packing tape

· Polythene· Towels

· Furniture covers

Fragile packing tips

Most of us learn by experience and the hard way – after breaking a few assets. We are sure you do notwant to do the same. That is why we compiled a few fragile items tips that will come in handy and helpyou move without any stress!

If you rush it, you’ll crush it!

Fragile items need a lot of care and patience. Start the packing process early and take your time witheach item, ensuring that it is wrapped completely and securely.

Small and heavy go hand-in-hand

The idea is to wrap heavy items such that they don’t move or shift during transit. To make this happen,you need small boxes that fit the items well and leave no room for movement.

Buy boxes that can make it

One of the worst things that can happen is the boxes giving up midway. This is why we recommend thatyou test them and ensure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight.

Tape it up real nice

This one’s a practical tip for fragile box packaging. Simply create an additional layer at the bottom of thebox with packing tape. This will make the box more sturdy and reduce the chances of breakage.

Extra protection for the extra precious

Use more newspaper and packing peanuts for precious items. Also, wrap them individually and tightlywith an extra cushion. Blankets and towels are a good choice in this case.

Divide them all!

Cardboard dividers are a blessing. Instead of having to package glassware separately, you can put them ina single box with the help of these dividers. They won’t move, they won’t get damaged!

Fill the voids with love paper

Paper works as an excellent absorber of vibrations. So, make sure you fill all hollow items such as glasseswith paper.

Hire a reliable moving service

Moving can be hard and overwhelming. That’s why it is better to leave it to the professionals. They haveall the fragile packing materials and know how to handle them. Good companies also offer insurance tocover damages, if any.

By relying on them, you can focus on the other (fun) aspects of moving like getting to know your newneighbours and sharing a laugh or two!


Moving doesn’t have to be scary! All you need is a few good fragile items tips and a moving service. Wehope this article helped you with both.

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