May 25, 2022

15 Moving House Packing Tips and Tricks

Moving into a new place is exciting, but packing & moving takes a lot of time and effort, making things complicated. So, here is a packing guide for moving to smoothen the process of packing and shifting.   

Stage 1: 6 Tips for Mover and Packer Selection

Scour the Web for Credible Movers 

If you're about to move out, don't waste any time and hire a moving company straight away. You'll be less stressed, save money on pre-booking, and avoid complications with non-availability this way.

Get Quotes from at least 3+ Vendors

The best deal is out there, but it needs a bit of research. So, do your research, compare quotes, and select the best one based on reviews, quality and low price. 

Become a Discount/Offer Fanatic

To acquire more customers, moving companies often use offers and goodies. Some firms might shift a few free boxes for free if you exceed a certain number of boxes. So, look out for such offers. 

Pick a Budget and Then, Book Movers and Packers

Based on your budget, needs, and research, pick the packers and movers that match your needs & requirements.

Assess your Packing Essentials for Moving 

Before calling the packers, do a visual check of how much stuff you have to get a clear picture. That way, you’ll have specific details to get the most accurate cost of packing and moving your things. 

Opt for Off-season Services

Are you determined to get the most affordable price? Prefer to shift when there’s less demand for such services, like on weekdays. You might have to take a leave, but it’ll be worth it. 

Stage 2: Hacks For Faster Packing And Shifting

Be Careful about Spills and Damages

Packing fragile items prone to damage, spills, and leaks can be difficult. So, segregate fragile items and wrap them in plastic. 

Let Stuff be in Drawers

Seal your drawers with your belongings to save time in packing and unpacking. 

Fill Large Pots and Containers with Small Items

Use large pots and containers to fill small items to save boxes, space and money. 

Pack Clothes with Hangers

Save time in your overall house move by packing clothes with hangers like it was hanging in your closet. 

Decluttering Unwanted Stuff is the Easiest Way to Pack and Move

Let your new home have only the stuff you’ll need. Do a declutter and save money by being intentional too.

Wrap Delicate Things with Linen or Any Other Soft Material

Use soft material to wrap delicate articles to prevent any damage. 

Use your Suitcases and Bags for Packing for Moving House

Packing for moving house doesn’t have to be super expensive. Be smart and cut costs by packing in your suitcases and bags.

Label Your Boxes

Click pictures of the boxes with filled items and document the number of boxes. That way, you’ll locate your items after the move with ease. 

Categorise boxes with Different Labels

The move to your new home can be super smooth with just a little planning. As a result, categorise boxes based on themes and use labels to clearly distinguish them.

Being Ready a Day Before is the Best Way to Pack for Moving

Leaving everything to the last minute is a terrible idea as we might forget something. So, be prepared with a packing checklist for moving to not miss out on anything. 

Packing and Moving Tips: Conclusion

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