Move Aid—Providing professional residential relocation services within Hyderabad, India

We believe packing and moving should be easy and stress-free.

Relocating your household items securely and on time

Move Aid was created after Rajesh Vinayak’s relative had a difficult move despite moving only a short distance.

“I was shocked. They didn’t know where their belongings were, and at one point, they were told their goods were going to be thrown away. Eventually, their items arrived two weeks late.

I thought to myself—there has to be a better way. So I broke down every part of the moving process from packing, loading, transporting, and unloading, so I could create a streamlined service where customers would feel in control of the process.”

- Rajesh Vinayak, MBA
Founder and owner of Move Aid

Rajesh’s background in business administration allowed him to identify and solve the problems he and others he spoke with had encountered when moving.

To provide customers with a reliable, stress-free move, we focused on offering a certified household shifting service with:

● Accurate, instant pricing.
● Real-time tracking.
● Instant alerts and notifications.
● Trained packing and moving experts.
● High-quality, sturdy packaging materials.
● Well-maintained industrial-grade trucks and equipment.
● Insurance for all moves.
● Cashback program in case of accidental damage.
● Quality customer service, including a Move Manager for a single point of contact.

Because, at Move Aid, we believe you should never have to worry about where your belongings are or if they’re safe when you’re moving.

Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming
experience stress-free household shifting
with our team of experts.

We treat your items as carefully as we would our own. Download the Move Aid app or contact us today to get your free moving quote.